Monday, 29 July 2013

Wheelchair Football Coaching Course

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a coaching course for wheelchair and powerchair football, hosted by the WFA at the superb St Georges Park F.A. Headquarters.

As some of you may know, I am starting to really get into this powerchair football, both playing and managing the MK Dons Powerchair Football Team.  I have been playing and training for just over a year now and was eager to go on the course to pick up some hints and tips to make training more beneficial and fun.

The course itself was very well planned and ran by Ricky and Adam from the WFA.  It consisted of some classroom based theory and then practical session in the sports hall.  We all picked up many tips and can't wait to start putting them into action.  We even got a certificate!

I cannot express how much enjoyment the football session give to the players, on a playing side but more importantly on the social side.  We get together every Saturday for training as well as evening and meals out - all extremely enjoyable.

There are teams all over the country that are more than happy to take on new players, so why not go along and give it a try?  It is for all disabilities, male or female, old or young.  The teams even provide you with the special powerchair football chair for you to have a go in!

If you are interested, the best place to start looking is the WFA website (link attached) who have contact information for all UK teams, or if you are in near Milton Keynes feel free to drop me a line.

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