Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Naidex South 2011

I travelled to the London Excel today for this years southern Naidex.
Traffic was fairly kind to me, only taking just over an hour to get there.
Upon arrival the blue badge parking was clearly signposted and i parked the car and unloaded my power-chair.
After my journey i needed to visit the loo, and was totally amazed that considering the Excel was hosting the event they only have one disabled toilet! The queue was already 5 deep but i had no choice but to wait.
The exhibition itself was very good. Plenty of interesting exhibitors offering a very varied range of items, from vehicles to bathrooms - there was even wheelchair touch rubgy that you could join in with!
I met up with prak from kudosfirst and had a good chat and a catch up.
I also came across a very helpful conversion company called TBC Mobility Conversions. Tom and David introduced themselves to me and asked how they could help. I explained my situation and they were extremely helpful, resulting in me arranging a test drive for next week.
All in all i was glad i made the trip and found it all very well organised - apart from the lack of disabled toilets!