Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Carers and fishing...

Worked A.M. saw Social Worker in the afternoon. After lots of questions it was concluded that he will recommend a carer in the morning and at night to dress/undress as i am "an accident waiting to happen!"
After that imet Gav over at Wyboston to do some fishing. Didnt catch much at all really but was still really good to get out in the countryside. Phil turned up for a chat and to help pack things away (thank you!).
Feel really knackered, only did 4 hours fishing but pulled my chest muscle again, hands are weak and struggled to get out of fishing chair - yet another thing im struggling to do...

Monday, 24 August 2009


Not a bad day at work. Deb's is back from her hols so had a good chat with her which was very good. Mum came over tonight to help with fishing gear - i cant even do that on my own now!
Packed the car, tidied bedroom for Occupational Therapist tomorrow, tea and watch Rambo in bed!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Busy day!

Spoke to Occupational Therapist who referred me on the Social Services and One Call.
Awaiting calls to arrange the assessments to tell me what to do, how to manage etc.
Docs tomorrow afternoon for wheelchair and respiratory referral to sort out my damn breathing!
Stayed in again tonight, no energy at all.

Friday, 14 August 2009


I've got through the first application stage for the hound from Dogs for the Disabled!!! Waiting for further paperwork to come through.
Syreeta and Chris are doing well on their sponsorship for the big jump in October.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thursday 13th August

Went to docs, ECG with the nurse then into docs. All good with ticker, although chest pains will probably persist due to the MD - anti inflamatories if i need them...
Got to work then had a bloody migraine - i must have really pissed someone off!!
Felt knackered again all day really, had to use my stick.
Stayed in, couldnt be arsed to see anyone.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tuesday 11th August 2009

Not a bad day today. Seemed to have pulled some sort of muscle in my chest which hasnt helped but im sure it will sort itself out.
Nipped to Tesco with Ian and Phil lunchtime for a slow wander.
Watered the garden tonight and had a cuppa with Darren, good laugh actually.
Still not heard about the dog - sent an email chasing....

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Saturday 8th August

Worked this morning, slept like a log (sonia's recommendation of pillow spray to thank there!), worked this morning.
Popped up nan's with fish & chipsfor her - Michael came with me to chippy as i can't do the steps in there or the bloody newsagents!
Sorted her bits out, came home to do washing and garden, oh, and almost fell over in the kitchen!
Did nothing tonight, watched tv with mum, hit the M&M's and just relaxed - happy days...

Friday 7th August 2009

Long day today, busy at work, didnt go anywhere again.
Kwik fit changed my tyre, went to nan's, dinner, garden, TV.
Used walking stick for first time today at work. A few people commented but hey ho, can't be helped and i know they weren't being funny.
Work tomorrow morning, nothing else planned for weekend so just taking it easy.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

6th August 2009

Tiring again. Went with Ian to look at the Nissans at lunchtime as got to change my car in November. Met a lovely lady called Anna, think i'll go for the Qashqi n-tec in the end.
Went over nans and got soaked walking across the carpark - god i miss the ablity to run!! lol.
Came home - got soaked again walking to and from the car! - and had a good chat with Darren. Good to have a chat, we are both similar and seem to bounce off of each other!!
And its still raining.....

5th August 2009

Hard day at work, didnt go anywhere, way too knackered really. Had a screw in my tyre, called out RAC who changed my spare - bringing out new one tomorrow.
Dida few bits of business so mind was fairly occupied, struggled with that bloody office chair though!
Popped round Nick & Sonias for a coffee tonight. I see Nick as a sort of brother, good to chat things over with him. Had a really good chat and told him how i felt etc. Had a good idea about speaking to Motability to arrange some sort of assessment as i may need some sort of wheelchair soon and hopefully they can advise me.
Anyway, off to bed now, got appt in the morning, Kwikfit coming with tyre and got to call Motability.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

MD Diary

Not really sure why i'm doing this. I think its an easy way for me to get things off my chest without having to talk to someone face to face. Not that im bothered about talking about the MD, just don't like putting people in awkward positions - its not fair on them.

It's mainly because over the last few months my health has seriously deteriorated. I'm finding it really hard to do simple things like getting out of my office chair, walk short distances, take deep breathes etc.

Anyway, this blog is basically going to be my diary so i can keep a day to day account of how things go.
I apologise in advance if you find some of my comments out of order, i don't mean to be funny, thats just the way i am.